The World Biohack Summit Dubai 2023 (WBHS Dubai) is designed in alignment with the Health and Technology aspects of UAE Government’s National Strategy for Innovation. The summit’s highlight is the convergence of Technology and Health with a mission to empower people to take charge of their own health and well-being so as to create a healthy and productive nation.

WBHS Dubai hosts experts from around the globe as speakers who have created revolutionary concepts in health technology.

Highlights of the summit are:

Epigenetic Management

Identifying the genetic predispositions to various diseases and implementing epigenetic lifestyle modification programs for preventing or postponing the onset of diseases. This helps in creating a disease free generation

Artificial Intelligence

AI powered by Big data and data analytics is making health information available at the fingertips of every individual. This is making ‘self care’ a reality. The summit will show case some of the greatest advancements in this space.

Quantified Self Tools

Advent of IOTs is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape. Right from pocket size ECG machines to neurofeedback systems are helping people to quantify their health and well-being and empowering them to hack their own biology to create their own best possible version. Global research firms and enterprises who have successfully created such biohacking tools will be exhibiting their latest innovations in the summit. Attendees will be getting an opportunity to experience these advanced technology tools and processes.


Enhancing the ‘health span’ rather the ‘lifespan’ is a global health agenda now. This is possible by applying scientifically proven biohacking techniques right from mitochondrial optimization and slowing down of telomere shortening to stem cell re-engineering. We have expert researchers and innovators from various sectors connected with human longevity research presenting their research works and innovative concepts.